Why does Sailor Moon continue to endure after 30 years

sailor moonOne of the most famous anime series on the planet, this year celebrates its thirtieth anniversary. Since its inception, the adventures of Usagi Tsukino and her companions, Sailor Soldiers, have captured the attention of a generation and inspired other works, both east and west. for full check sailor moonEffect, we have to go back to 1991 and the origins of the manga, and how it was completely turned upside down shoujo type in operation.

The sailor moon The series was created by Naoko TakeuchiAnd the After working on Code name: Sailor V series. 14-year-old Usagi discovers a black cat named Luna – who just so happens to be able to talk! Luna searches for Moon Princess Serenity and asks Usagi to become one of the sailors Senshi in order to fight the forces of the Dark Kingdom and their leader, Queen Beryl. Along the way, Usagi was joined by four other sailors, Senshi: Minako Inoue, who was secretly fighting evil as Sailor Venus (and was the protagonist in Codename: Sailor V); Rei Hino, a priestess in training who became Sailor Mars; the highly intelligent Ami Mizuno, who became the Mercury sailor; And finally Makoto Kino, the rough-and-tumble girl who becomes the sailor of Jupiter.

Sailor Moon Distinguished Social

One of the biggest raffles sailor moon are the interactions between newly minted scouts. Usagi is very emotional and uninterested in things like school, but her time with Sailor Senshi showed her growing up and becoming more self-reliant. The same goes for Ami, who learns not to seek the approval of others. Rei usually heads out with Usagi, but the two eventually become friends. Minako tends to be the more experienced Shinichi, as she was the first to awaken and the first to do battle with the Dark Kingdom that took the form of the Dark Agency. Although they all come from different walks of life, they grow up to be close friends and will sacrifice their lives for each other – and even do so at the end of Season 1 before being resurrected to defeat the leader of the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl.

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The series also featured a number of metaphors that still appear in the Magical Girl anime to this day. before sailor moonMost of the magical girls don’t fight evil monsters or have to balance schoolwork with saving the world. Now, including the series card captor sakura And the Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir He incorporated a similar metaphor into their novels, to the point where it became popular. sailor moon She inserted herself metaphors from another popular series in Japan, Super Sentaiespecially the live version of the series titled Beautiful Guardian Sailor Moon. The sailor moon Anime has also been fast followed in America due to the popularity Mighty Morphin Power Rangerwhich drew its inspiration from Super Sentai series Kyurio Sentai Zouranger.

sailor moon

But it was probably the biggest item that’s been played all along sailor moon It was the theme of love, and how the different personalities dealt with it. Usagi will find love in the arms of her classmate Mamoru, who is secretly the mysterious tuxedo mask. The second season of the anime, Sailor Moon R., until they see Usagi and Mamoru meet their future daughter Chibiusa – who has become Sailor Chibi-moon. Other girls have their own romantic adventures; Minako, in particular, had an ill-fated romance during the events of Code name: Sailor V. Rey is not interested in romance, which stems from her trust issues and her unfriendly relationship with her political father. And future sailor Senichi Uranus and Neptune are in an open relationship. Nor were the anime afraid to break down gender role barriers; Although she was a tomboy, Makoto wants to get married someday. Sailors of Uranus are often shown dressed as men in her civilian identity, Haruka Tino, and the Dark Kingdom’s general, Zoset, was an openly gay man. to remember, sailor moon It was released in the 1990s; Because anime deals with anomalies that no one had heard of in its time.

Unfortunately, these themes were buried in the series’ English dubbing, which was closely censored. As part of this oversight, zoisite and fellow Dark Kingdom General Fish have been changed from male to female, and in perhaps the most controversial change, sailors Uranus and Neptune are depicted as “cousins” – adding somewhat of a cutthroat layer to their relationship. VIZ Media has acquired the rights to sailor moon In 2014, and begin re-dubbing the entire series, restoring the original characterizations and features in the process. To celebrate the series’ 20th anniversary, Toei Animation has released a reboot of the anime titled sailor moon crystal, Which goes with the anime.

Uranus and Neptune Sailor Moon

sailor moon It became a bona fide phenomenon upon its release; Much of that has to do with the timing of its release. When English dubbing first started broadcasting, the internet started to become a hub for fandom – meaning fans had a new forum to share their thoughts (although they had to use message boards instead of Twitter). sailor moon She also debuted during the “Girl Power” movement of the ’90s, and her themes of female friendship and characters embracing her femininity. Even after 30 years, sailor moon She inspires creators and fans alike, including actors and musicians Megan Fox And the Lizo Citing the series as their favourite.

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