Why “Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir” is my new obsession

We all have our way of approaching quest, and my way obviously got too far from the show I started watching just because my kid loved it. this show Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir And somehow I went from “The thing that’s going to grab my daughter’s attention for 20 minutes so I can clean up” to “Oh my God, this is really fun?” But I have to ask myself: How did it come to this?

I think the answer is simple: sailor moon.

Now, stay with me. I grew up, like an eccentric, loving person sailor moon Much of the comfort and oomph of the show was in the “Monsters of the Week” format and then the episodes that occasionally came along to add to the bigger legends and world expansion. It was alternately soothing and interesting. She also had great costumes, fun powers, star-crossed lovers, and a great setting in a non-American city. miracle All these things. I have no doubt that this is intentional and for me that’s okay. It’s a new show with new stories, but with a familiar feel. Heck, the opening notes for the main song sound a bit like sailor moon‘s!

For those of you who haven’t fallen into that rabbit hole yet, let me give you some background on it miracle. The series, which is currently streaming on Netflix, centers on Marinette DuPain-Chang, a teenage girl who possesses a “Miraculous” (in this case a pair of earrings) inhabited by a cute little spiritual thing called a kwami, named Tikki. With the help of Tikki, he turns Miraculous Marinette into a superhero called Ladybug. Her weapon, for some reason, is the yo-yo.

Ladybug is basically a heroine with a good luck character, and so she needs a partner with a bad luck theme, right? This is Cat Noir (a black cat for those who don’t speak French). His miracle is a ring and his kwami ​​is named Plagg. I get to know Plagg because I also get my magical powers from eating smelly French cheese. Cat Noir’s true identity is that of teenage heartthrob Adrien Agreste, Marinette’s classmate. The great irony is that Cat Noir loves Ladybug, whom he sees as a friend… because Marinette is in love with Adrien, who loves her only platonicly. Worry!

These heroes fight monsters of the week and that’s where the series really shines, and once again you owe a lot sailor moon. Each super villain is someone who has been transformed by the evil Akuma and is a butterfly full of dark energy by a great villain, a man named Hawkmoth who has his own miracle but wants Ladybug and Cat Noir for reasons. These murdered villains are very creative and fun, and they always have good themes. She could be anything from an evil teddy bear to a shiny monster to a giant baby. Also, a note from my kid: Moth teeth are pretty scary.

The series has extensive stories, but it’s not so important that you can’t skip it (which I have to do a lot because I can’t pick out episodes, my daughter does) and so you can just enjoy it. The interesting thing for me is that this series is a Korean-French co-production with Japanese and American influences. It’s set in Paris, which I love, and isn’t really shy about the fact that it’s very French in many ways. I also like French puns in names, like, mean girl Chloe Bourgeois.

It’s also a great show to enjoy with my daughter, a rare find (please, God save me from more Barbie Dream House Adventures). It is about a female superhero who always saves the situation and appreciates kindness and hard work. While Ladybug makes mistakes, she always does the right thing in the end and is stronger than any male hero, again, like Sailor Moon. There are good lessons out there for a little girl and having something to share with my kid while we both are locked up is a rare pleasure.

Currently, all episodes of the series are available on Netflix. Although its order is somewhat questionable, it is not a big deal and the show can be viewed “out of order” in many ways and enjoyed. For example, the original episode doesn’t come out very late in season one, so the series kind of throws you at the deep end. But the show is so bright and fun that I found myself immersed in the different heroes and relationships. (Are Rose and Julica dating or what?! What’s Natalie’s game?).

I’m super curious where things will go when new episodes come out, which should be in the fall, if we’re lucky. Check out this show if you desperately need something fun to watch, especially if you have young children.

(Photo: Toei/Nickelodeon)

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