Will Kakegurui Season 3 Happen?

Take a look at the psychology of gambling and games, Kakegurui – compulsive gambler It became an unexpected success. Not only is there an on-going manga, but there is also an adaptation of the animation from popular studio MAPPA that aired over two seasons, from 2017 to 2019. That doesn’t mean anything about the TV series and the movie. However, while the latter is slated to continue with the announced sequel, there was no such word in the anime.

Kakigurui It has spawned a franchise full of high-stakes storytelling, but the biggest gamble is when, or if, the animated series will return. It’s been a few years since Season 2, but there may be an explanation for what’s taking so long. Here’s a look at whether another season of Kakigurui It could be in the cards.

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What is Kakegurui

Yumiko shrugs and smiles at Kakigurui

Conspiracy Kakigurui It features Yumiko Jabami, a recently transferred student at Hyakkau Private Academy. The school hierarchy and the performance of the student body is not measured by academic success, but rather by their success in the gambling world. This leads the big players to make huge financial contributions from their winnings, earning wealth and glory for themselves. However, unlike the other students, Yumiko is actually addicted to gambling, doing it just for fun – and he has the skill for it. She uses this experience to reach the top of the school’s rankings, upsetting the status quo and attracting the attention of the student council president.

The series began as a manga created by Homura Kawamoto and Toru Naomura, and was published in Janjan Joker. As of 2014, 14 collected volumes have been published in English by Yen Press. There was also a minor manga and video game, as well as a drama series and a movie. However, the franchise is known for its animation adaptation, which began in 2017.

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Will there be season 3 of Kakegurui?

Yumiko from Kakigurui

There was no confirmation from the mangaka or the production studio whether it was Kakigurui The third season of the anime will continue. Given that the manga is still going, and the anime hasn’t adapted to everything that has been released, there is definitely enough material for at least one more season.

The delay in any official word on Season 3 may stem simply from the industry backlog caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This has led to many studios holding back or being reticent about revealing upcoming productions.

The show’s first season debuted in 2017, although it didn’t hit Netflix until the following year. The second season came out in 2019, so following this pattern, a tentative third season was theoretically supposed to release this year. This obviously does not happen, but again, the current problems of the animation industry as a whole can be blamed.

MAPPA is also working hard on software like chainsaw manWhich undoubtedly takes precedence Kakigurui. Hopefully news of Season 3 will come out sooner rather than later, but fans should hedge their bets, only on the cast.

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