You must watch the movie Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir

Every kid whether they are still young or just a kid at heart, they all love a good story. Many grew up with Disney movies or well-known bedtime stories, and now the animated series has conquered the world. Since the ’90s, everyone has had at least one favorite cartoon series that holds a special place in their childhood memories.

for me, sailor moon And Digimon It makes me scream with joy every time I see a replay on a TV channel or some merchandise. When my best friend mentioned to me that there is a new anime series that looks a bit like sailor moon I had to put it on my watch list. Shame on me, I forgot about it until a rainy afternoon when I scrolled through Netflix and discovered it again. So, buckle up and get ready to meet your new favorite binge-watching series!

Franco-Japanese production miracle It premiered in 2015 and aired on various channels around the world such as TF1, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon and Family Channel. The 20-minute episodes can also be found on Netflix.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng is an ordinary girl who lives a normal life in Paris and attends high school with a focus on fashion design and various arts in general. Adrien Agreste has to fight his father so he can finally go to school and not learn at home anymore. Over the course of the series, they become friends, but neither of them know they become superheroes at the same time on the same mission: to protect Paris from a villain who calls himself Hawk Moth. Every time a person is possessed by a moth, it turns to Ladybug and Cat Noir to stop his evil plans and bring the person back to normal.

Miracles are interesting legends that have not yet been fully revealed. All we know at this point is that the more than 5,000-year-old Kwamis, mysterious little creatures with magical power, have the ability to change their bearer into their miraculous personalities. Most of the Kwame family are under the protection of the last Great Goradian of the Miraculous family, a 186-year-old healer named Master Wang Fu.

A long time ago, Fu made a mistake that destroyed a Chinese monk’s temple and lost the Peacock and the Buttefly Miraculouses together, along with the book of miraculous magic. Since then, Fu and Kwame Wise try to find them so that one day Wise feels the presence of fellow Kwame Noru. Fu decided it was time to find two people worthy of wearing the two most powerful miracles, Ladybug and Cat Noir, to fight evil.

For the makeover, Marinette wears earrings shipped by Kwami Tikki. As Ladybug, she has the power of creation and the name Tikki means “happiness”. Adrien wears a silver ring shipped by Kwami Plagg. Like Cat Noir it has destructive power and the name Plagg means ‘plague’.

According to the creator, Thomas Astruc, ladybug and cat noir symbolize yin and yang. Both are carriers of the most powerful miracle in the world. At this point it is not known how many Kwami there are but there must be quite a few. We’ve seen Noroo (Butterfly Miraculous – turns a stand into a Hawk Moth), Trixx (Fox Miraculous – turns a stand into Rena Rouge), Wayzz (Turtle Miraculous – turns a stand into a Carapace), and Pollen (Bee Miraculous – turns a stand into a Queen Bee)

Looks interesting, doesn’t it? So why give this series a chance? Let me give you more reasons!

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir

Paris protection

Such a chain is usually placed somewhere in America, Japan, or in a component world. This story takes place in central Europe, in France. Battles take you through the city and you can learn about the most famous sights. What a view!


miracle It is about two teenagers who must go to school with ordinary teenage problems. Everything is easy to bear when you have a great friend right by your side and so has Adrien Nino, and Marinette has Alya. While Adrien only enjoys a normal life when he is at school, it becomes the most important part of his day. To feel normal and to be with his friends, to be seen as himself and not as a “son” gives him breathing space. Marinette can be friends with anyone and believes in the good within everyone. If it wasn’t Alia who was behind her, prevented her from doing something stupid and encouraged her, then Marinette would have fallen on her nose a lot.


I salute the creators for showing the world the way it is today. What I love about Miraculous is that there is a character that everyone can identify with.

Marinette is half Chinese and half French; Alia from Martinique, a French overseas territory in the Caribbean; Nino is from Reunion Island, a French island and territory in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar. Have you heard about these little places? Did a character come from there?

see also

Then you have a skater girl, two shy guys, a geek, an athlete, and a goth. Everyone labeled? Yes and no because they are more than just their labels. You may be seen as one thing but you are many at the same time with big dreams and desires to come true, to find your own identity and it doesn’t have to be just one. The message is clear: look closely, you may have missed that the person in front of you is your best friend.

to encourage

she is beautiful. It is a blessing. It will land on his face. It’s beautiful. It is a blessing. It will land on his face. This saying sounds funny at first, but it is true. You have big dreams and you won’t achieve them on the first try and that’s okay. Just don’t give up. Lie on the floor, get up and try again. A lesson we all have to learn to deal with in our lives more than once.

This is no different from the characters in miracle When they are at school, at home or out at night to protect the city. You will not always be able to succeed. Losing is part of winning.

loves in the air

Of course there is love in the air. While Alia and Nino get together immediately after opening up about their feelings for each other, no other two birds can find their way into each other’s heart. Well, they really are, but let’s call it complex. Marinette likes Adrien, but Adrien is crushing on Ladybug. While the audience is constantly trending, they are ignorant that they both want the same person.

When will they know?

I hope to have it quickly. Regardless of whether it’s an animated series or a comedy adaptation, just because Supergirl wears glasses doesn’t change her looks and voice. I hope that the current story of season 2 will lead to the fact that Marinette and Adrien will soon know their true identities. I mean, even in sailor moon You just had to wait until the end of the first season, but this made the audience wait for more than 40 episodes.

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir

pound it

fist bump. Safe city. Save the day. Let’s get some macaroons and ice cream! The series is currently in the middle of its second broadcast season and a third season has already been ordered.

Have you seen miracle? Tell us in the comments below!

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