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PMI’s collection of Miraculous superheroes will include stamp stamps, toppers, coin purses, key chains, plush backpacks, pencil cases and Matchify.

Award-winning independent animation studio Zag has signed a global licensing agreement with Tel Aviv-based PMI for a range of collectibles, dash, stationery and school supplies for the global success series Miraculous – Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. The new merchandise is scheduled to appear in retail in the summer of 2022.

Set in the enchanting city of Paris, Miraculous has attracted many award-winning fans of a huge worldwide fan base with its beautifully animated, clever, multi-dimensional and diverse teenage superhero characters. Miraculous fandom spans over 120 markets worldwide, with four seasons of the series now on the air regularly attracting first and fifth ratings in production, mobile games, the first branded game on Roblox with over 300 million games, console New game control in play and upcoming animation feature $100M+.

PMI has crafted a special and enchanting line of toy products to suit unique superheroes, including Ladybug and Cat Noir, who will be the stars of PMI’s extensive series of stamps, top hats, coin purses, key chains, plush backpacks, pencil cases, As well as Matchify card games and other stationery and school supplies.

Julian Zag, Executive Vice President, Global Operations and Head of Consumer Products commented, “We are pleased to conclude our agreement with PMI, a market leader with a unique distribution advantage, and access to multiple points of sale, from newsstands and kiosks to mass market retailers.” , Zag. “With Season 4 of the series now available worldwide, and the $100M+ animated feature released this year, the company is the perfect partner to work with Zag to bring this broad line of products to fans around the world who are Demanding more ways to interact with the brand.”

Omar Dekel, Vice President of International Sales at PMI added: “I was amazed to see how much my son liked the show. Both PMI and Zag share the same goal: to bring happiness to children around the world, and Zag’s Miraculous and high-quality toy products and PMI makes it a perfect match. We are pleased to add the inspirational personalities of this leading brand to our ever-growing portfolio, and will make the most of our extensive distribution network to quickly reach all markets covered by the global license.”

Miraculous follows the adventures of two seemingly typical teens with secret identities, Marinette and Adrien, who magically transform into superheroes, Ladybug and Cat Noir. Find out more on the site here or on YouTube.

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